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Now you can have your own custom braided leash, pendant, clothing, day case, portrait or faux-stained glass picture of your dog.

Ingrid Hubbard discovered art in her youth and practiced it personally and professionally long before earning her BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design and her master's degree from Ohio State.

She is proficient in virtually every art medium including painting, drawing and design. She is equally at home with traditional and digital media, including individual art and web design.

She has been raising, training and showing dogs for more than 35 years. She has instructed others in dog training for most of these years. Ingrid prefers performance sports with her dogs, but is equally at home in the breed ring


Her sensitive eye captures the beauty and the personality of nature and animals. She is a master at capturing the essence of an animal's personality.

When people see an Ingrid painting of their pet, they usually say, "You got it," or, "That's it!" Her work is more than visually correct. It captures the personality.

Each item is hand done, one at a time. No two works are the same. Look through the samples on the following pages, then imagine your dog's picture hanging in your favorite window or painted on a shirt, day case, jacket, pendant or tie.

The glass art can be viewed by reflected light or light transmitted through. Glass art can be hung on a wall or in a window. The vibrant colors and inviting subjects create a colorful and beautiful accent for any room.

Glass window art is permanent paint on glass. The translucent paint and slightly raised surface create a fascinating play of light in any situation, from warm to cool daylight coming through the glass painting to interior evening lights reflecting off it.Because all my products are created individually just for you, please allow four to six weeks for delivery. 

email: ingrid.hubbard@yahoo.com                                                                                                          Copyright 2008

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