All my purses, wallets and checkbook covers are genuine leather except for a few nylon wallets such as the "2 Shar-Pei wallet" shown below.

The prices range from $35 to $55 depending what you would like painted on the wallet or checkbook cover and the style. The $35 checkbook covers have a standing or gaiting dog or cat painted on them. More a more personal wallet, such as the first two red ones below, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

The purses range in price from $95 to $110 depending on the painting and the purse. 

My supply of  purses, wallets, checkbook covers and credit card cases is always changing, so please contact me about the stock I have available.

Shipping is $5 for wallets and $15 for purses.

email: ingrid.hubbard@yahoo.com                                                                                                          Copyright 2008