Tom's  Images

The banner says it, I've gone from photojournalism to abstract digital art. Both are on this site.

Take your choice from the links below. I've gone from one extreme to the other. I first did photojournalism/documentary where I faithfully rendered the  scene or event in front of me.

My abstract began on the computer in 2000, but I can see I was preparing for abstraction, from doodling in high school to finding abstract patterns in realistic photography. 

In photojournalism, the scene was in front of me. In abstract work, the image originates somewhere inside of me. I'm fascinated by this.  I call it "abstract," but it's not pure abstract because there's content lurking in those designs. I'd call it "surreal," but that term has lost its original meaning in normal usage. My work is surreal.  Form is supported by mental and emotional content.

I'm doing mostly the abstract digital now but I want you to see photojournalism where I started. There's a lot here so I hope you will bookmark my site and come back. Thanks for looking.

Digital abstract link  PJ and Doc anchor  image

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